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Workplace Learning Through Role-Play

Workplace Learning Through Role-Play

In theory, you can learn almost anything. The trick in learning is to apply that theory to real life situations.

The best way to do that is through practice, of course, ideally in a way which doesn’t impact the customer or client, and which gives you a chance to try a variety of actions and responses.

Which is where role-play comes in.

Role-play has been a work-place training tool since midway through the last century, used during recruitment, job-related learning and HR seminars, and team-bonding exercises. Doing things is often more effective than simply reading about them at building neural pathways in your memory, which is why role-play is such a good way of training people. You remember more information, basically.



But not everyone likes role-play. It can feel artificial, as if your job role is a part to act. Otherwise competent workers can be thrown by the need to “act” their role, usually in front of colleagues and managers.

With targeted scenarios and limited scripting, role-play can enhance workplace learning and help to build confidence. It can also reduce the amount of “acting” involved.

A major drawback to role-playing, at least when it comes to bringing in outside actors to assist, is the cost of those actors and of getting everyone involved in the training to a single, large enough place. One way around all of that is Connect’s virtual role-play training aid, Immersion Studio.

With Immersion Studio, all that’s required is a web browser, and the avatars are controlled by Simulation Specialists in real time. Scenarios can be chosen from a variety of sectors, or bespoke training packages can be created and tailored to specific training requirements and situations. The avatars have their own distinct personalities, and all interactions are recorded, allowing participants to watch back and reflect on their performance.

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