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Unlock the Potential of Your Team Through Leadership Training

To become an excellent team leader, staff must have the experience and training to deal with a variety of personality types and situations. This is so they can get the very best out of all staff. When a team is united towards one goal with the guidance of competent leadership, it will lead to the overall success of any business.

Our live VR Immersion Studio provides the setting for this training, by using a variety of avatars with different behavioural and attitude types. The simulated avatars respond with immediate facial expressions, gestures, responses and mood changes to reflect any real-world situation.

Team members can practice engaging with each scenario using senior management training techniques to gain the best outcome, which will raise confidence and leadership capabilities.

Learn Essential Leadership Practices

Throughout our leadership e-learning courses and scenarios, your team will have the space to practice essential skills, such as active listening, asking correct and purposeful questions, team motivation, and providing or taking on board feedback from staff members.

Practicing skills is the only way to effectively progress, and our live virtual reality training scenarios use experiential learning techniques to provide optimum learning conditions.

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Effective Teams Start From the Top

If your staff are confident in their leadership abilities, then other team members will feel confident and motivated to follow them in tough or demanding situations that may present themselves.

This will result in lower staff turnover, and a work environment that facilitates long, productive and fulfilling careers.

Education Provides the Best Return on Investment

Avoid putting staff in situations where they feel unprepared and uncomfortable, which could lead to mistakes that could damage businesses operations and future growth plans.

Save training costs using a live VR training programme which can be accessed from any computer, without putting employees or business models at risk.

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Our leadership specific live vr scenarios include

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