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Breaking the Stigma Around Mental Health

We have live virtual reality (VR) training scenarios and avatars to ensure your staff can learn and develop the appropriate skills to treat Wellbeing and Mental Health concerns with the respect and empathy they deserve. This fosters a positive work or educational environment for all employees.

Completing one of our pre-selected or bespoke VR role play scenarios means that your team members will be better prepared to handle situations where someone might be feeling anxious, depressed, or in extreme cases, suicidal.

How Live Role Play Scenarios Work

Using a broad range of virtual avatars and backgrounds, we can simulate most situations that might occur in a workplace or place of education, from recruitment, to appraisals, diagnosis meetings, sickness, panic attacks, or safeguarding activities.

This allows team members to practice their skills with a trained Simulation Specialist, without the risk of putting someone’s actual Wellbeing or Mental Health at risk, and without the need to recruit multiple actors.

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Is Wellbeing and Mental Health Training Crucial?

Wellbeing and Mental Health is often an evolving journey for those living with conditions including OCD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and a diagnosis can be confirmed at various points in someone’s career or education.

It’s a common issue that impacts many people across the UK, and 25% of people will experience a mental health concern every year according to Mind.

Mental Health is Just as Important as Physical Health

To make sure your team feels supported through every stage of their health journey, it is important to teach HR staff, managers, teachers, and even general staff about the best way to approach a situation involving Wellbeing and Mental Health.

Limited Wellbeing and Mental Health training can cause increased sickness leave and low team morale. Boost your team’s overall wellbeing by training them how to handle all potential situations that may occur.

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Common Wellbeing and Mental Health Training Scenarios

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