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Pre-recorded E-learning Video Content

Our bespoke training video service allows you to create engaging e-learning content that is tailored directly to your team’s needs.

If you cannot see what you’re looking for in our range of Education, Wellbeing and Mental Health, Leadership, and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion live training scenarios. We can instead support you with alternative pre-recorded virtual reality training content.

Our Bespoke Video Offering

Bespoke e-learning videos can be created to effectively train staff in your business environment with the certain skills you would like to equip them with.

Pre-recorded video allows you to use the Immersion Studio platform to create and personalise training scenarios for your team.

Why Use Bespoke Videos in Your Learning Management System (LMS)?

Have you ever read a training guide, but found it difficult to make sense of the steps that you need to take after it has finished? Without visually seeing what action is needed then it is very hard to remember what to do.

This is why 80% of employees report that they would prefer to watch video content rather than reading instructions when learning a new skill.

Benefits of E-learning Video Content

Video content supports our intrinsic learning preference to learn by watching others and helps to create an environment for bite-sized “micro-learning”, which contains a suite of concise learning assets, including videos, apps, and web resources.

It satisfies multiple learning styles for all your staff members to enjoy and participate. It creates a more relaxing, engaging way to learn, leading to greater retention of information.

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