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How does C-Live help Teachers?

Experiential learning is a highly effective training method for teachers to develop their skills. Teachers who have had more experience in role play situations have greater levels of confidence, success with students and can accelerate their progression and professional career.
Education Training

Teacher Training with Students

C-Live is particularly beneficial for initial teacher training, as 23% of newly qualified teachers feel unprepared for classroom experience. It can be a very daunting environment if they are thrown in at the deep end without adequate experience and knowledge to handle situations. C-Live gives trainee teachers the opportunity to interact with virtual pupils before their first classroom experience, building their confidence for when they are in front of a real class. Our C-Live platform features multiple school scenarios with classes of varying sizes and pupils with individual pupil personalities ready for your trainee teachers to test and practise their skills. It allows them to develop classroom management strategies and critical interpersonal techniques to succeed in the education sector.

Training Teachers for Career Progression

Our experiences can also feature adult avatars which can be used in for professional development training, developing leadership skills and practising challenging conversations with parents. It can be used as continued professional development for those who are more experienced in the education profession. Scenarios can allow them to learn new techniques or improve their skills in any areas that they find challenging. The fact that C-Live can be paused and scenarios can be repeated gives participants a chance to reflect on how they could approach situations differently, giving teachers the confidence to try new techniques and approaches to situations which they will frequently encounter.

Our most popular teacher training scenarios are focused around:

- Safeguarding Disclosures
- SEND Training
- Managing Classroom Conflict
- Parent-Teacher Consultations
- School Mentor

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