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What is Immersion Studio?

Immersion Studio revolutionises how the education and corporate sectors train their employees. Our award-winning virtual reality role play training platform offers live simulation training which can be easily accessed from a web browser, with no specialist equipment required.

As the UK’s first live virtual reality training platform, Immersion Studio has dramatically reduced training costs and travel expenses. It helps workplaces to avoid the costly mistake of having un-trained staff in risky or critical business situations without prior experience.

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How Immersion Studio Works

All of our training sessions are live and interactive, from 1-1 sessions up to groups of 15+ participants. Participants can be trained remotely, individually or as a group, as no specialist equipment is required.

Simulation Specialists control up to three adult or five child avatars at a time, providing a real time response to the emotions, responses and reactions of the participant. Scenarios are simulated using pre-determined briefs and DISC personality profiles.

Immersion Studio hosts a variety of role play training scenarios, based on situations that are experienced in any business or educational environment. Our diverse range of live avatars act through each given scenario, helping your staff members to master various skills, without the need to recruit multiple actors to demonstrate each scene.

Our platform has a large bank of over 230 customisable workplace experiences which your employees can work through, or we can offer bespoke training simulations at an additional cost. Bespoke simulations are tailored to unique company training requirements and more specific situations.

Supporting Global Brands

Our clients include global players such as Hilton Hotels, The Department for Education and the Co-Operative.

Each business required a virtual training space for their staff to practise interpersonal skills, challenging conversations or high risk situations. We successfully supported each business to achieve their training goals.

You can view some of our past customer case studies here.

Immersion Studio offers a safe environment for participants to practise events and skills that they might not have had previous experience in before.

Putting an employee in a situation that they are not equipped to handle can lead to mistakes, sickness, anxiety and poor wellbeing in the workplace. However, using Immersion Studio can greatly improve overall staff and business performance.

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