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The Hospitality sector is an industry where learning through experience is particularly relevant. Theory-based training and watching videos about customer service are ineffective in comparison to on-the-job experience.

This viewpoint is corroborated by evidence from a learning programme for hospitality students. The evidence found that students who participated in an experiential learning programme had an increased ability to adapt to change and a greater understanding of how hospitality organisations function.

Furthermore, hospitality leaders who participated in field interviews at Boston University School of Hospitality were in agreement that one of the most effective methods of developing self-confidence in the customer service industry was through experience.

However, gaining experience in specific situations can be down to chance, as it is dependent on the situation actually arising. Another issue is that hospitality employees don’t get the opportunity to practise how they will handle a situation until they are actually faced with it, and a negative customer experience can knock employee confidence going forward.

C-Live gives hospitality staff the opportunity to perfect their skills in a safe environment. It can allow customer-facing staff to enhance their customer service skills and also give those working in management positions the training required to successfully lead a team.

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Customer Service

C-Live can be used to build multiple skills for employees in customer facing roles.

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Leadership and Management

C-Live allows managers to practise a variety of scenarios in a safe environment.

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