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When providing Hospitality Training for your staff, learning through experience is undeniable the most effective method. Theory-based training and watching videos are ineffective in comparison to on-the-job experience.

In light of this, the ideal training method would involve learning through experience, prior to being on-the-job. Immersion Studio, our Virtual Reality training platform allows you to practice in real-time, without human interaction through our innovative simulation training.

Evidence has found that students who participated in an experiential learning programme had an increased ability to adapt to change and a greater understanding of how hospitality organisations function. Immersion Studio gives hospitality staff the opportunity to perfect their skills in a safe environment. Customer-facing staff thrive using Immersion Studio and significantly enhance their customer service skills. Those working in leadership and management positions can further improve conflict management techniques, leadership development and many other crucial skills.

Customer Service Training

There are many benefits in providing excellent customer service training for your staff. Exemplary customer service retains customers, gains new customers through positive word of mouth and increases sales. Therefore, it is invaluable that your staff are trained to the best of their abilities. Customers who are treated well are far more likely to be loyal to your brand, studies have found that these customers are worth up to 10 times as much as the value of their initial purchase. Through role play training, employees learn whilst doing, however, this may be daunting for some staff.

Leadership and Management Training

Virtual reality training provides superior training, for cost effective prices in comparison to theoretical learning. Our virtual reality roleplay platform, Immersion Studio is perfect for preparing your newly promoted managers. Our management training and soft skills training scenarios prove beneficial in enhancing objection handling and conflict resolution methods. Soft skills are critical for anyone in a management position, they allow a manager to bring out the best in their staff, so refining these skills is imperative

Front of House

There are many proven benefits in providing excellent customer service training. Exemplary customer service retains customers, gains new customers through positive word of mouth and increases sales.

Immersion Studio is ideal for any staff working in a front-facing role, such as employees in a hotel, restaurant or in retail. It allows customer service staff to undertake realistic training with avatars that react in real time.

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