Immersion Studio Training Packages

Discover our Starter, Partner, and Complete Immersion Studio Training Packages.

Customers have the flexibility to choose between using the Immersion Studio platform by itself, with a self-organised feedback consultant, or as part of a comprehensive training package.

If you would like more information on our Immersion Studio packages, please call 01270 449165 to speak to our team.

Starter Immersion Studio Package

Our Starter Immersion Studio Training Package.

Simulation Specialists facilitate each training scenario using our virtual reality Immersion Studio platform. Clients then provide their own scenario feedback to participants during the session.

This allows clients to control crucial feedback and development points which are often specific to their bespoke business requirements.

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Partner Immersion Studio Package

In our Partner Immersion Studio Training Package, we will provide a contact for a trained feedback consultant, to provide feedback on each training scenario.

Once the contact is provided, it’s up to the client to organise for the consultant to join the training session themselves, so they can provide live feedback.

This package is designed for businesses who would like additional support, but would like to retain some control.

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Complete Immersion Studio Package

The Complete Immersion Studio Training Package is organised by the Connect Training team. We facilitate each training scenario, whilst also organising a professional feedback consultant alongside each live session.

This is suitable for businesses who would like to use Connect Training to outsource their training requirements to a comprehensive virtual reality training provider.

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