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Live Virtual Reality Learning for Hybrid Workforces

Many professionals are used to working in a hybrid capacity after the effects of the pandemic. Despite the fact people are used to it, there are still challenges around sustainability and learning for hybrid workforces.

Hybrid working offers employees the ability to work from home or in the office, often resulting in higher short-term morale, motivation and efficiency.

It is seemingly the ‘best of both worlds’, giving staff the freedom to work from home during half-terms when the kids are off school, but with the ability to see work colleagues when required.

Home working isn’t always positive for everyone however, as many home working environments are different.

The challenges of learning in a hybrid workplace.

There is an unforeseen downside to hybrid working as experiential learning is reduced when employees spend less time working in close proximity to each other.

Also, how do you deliver excellent training when your workforce is in two different places? There is a fear that hybrid working results in a skill disparity, as it becomes more difficult to monitor training and skills development.

So how do we combat this?

Live virtual reality.

Live virtual reality is a new technology being used in the learning and development industry, particularly for learning in hybrid workforces. It uses avatars that are controlled by real trained actors, to re-enact scenarios that may occur in the workplace.

Although it doesn’t completely replace the benefit of training with colleagues in a real life scenario, it instead allows a degree of flexibility.

The technology is accessed remotely, allowing hybrid working scenarios to continue. It can also be replicated so staff receive the same standard of training wherever they are based.

The use of virtual reality avatars allows staff to practice their skills and learn new ones in a safe space, but all interactions are still live, producing an immersive learning experience.

It is certainly an intriguing time for businesses to utilise new technology such as live virtual reality. With work practices rapidly evolving, so should learning and development strategies.

To learn more about our live VR training, please contact 01270 449165. 

Learning for hybrid workforces
Live VR training supports hybrid workforces.
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