Leadership and Management

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Leadership and Management Training

Motivating staff and holding employees accountable is essential for strong leadership and contributes to the overall success of a business.

Part of being a manager involves having difficult conversations with staff, as it is essential for employees to receive honest and constructive feedback, to allow them to succeed in their careers. Similarly, if there are any performance issues, these need to be addressed, both for the benefit of the individual and the business as a whole.

These conversations may take place in the form of yearly performance reviews, ongoing progress evaluations, or one-off conversations addressing specific incidents and can often be challenging, especially when the employee doesn’t react well to feedback.

New managers in particular can struggle with these interactions, as working in a management position can require a different skill-set to the job that the employee held before being promoted. There is a huge difference between excelling when managing your own workload and being accountable for the performance of other people.

It is also important that managers are skilled in motivating and engaging their staff and feel confident in assisting employees with any issues that they might be facing in the workplace.
C-Live allows employees in management positions to practise a variety of scenarios in a safe environment, allowing them to trial different ways of giving employees feedback to discover the most effective approaches and build confidence in handling tough conversations.

All interactions can be watched back, allowing performances to be reviewed in regard to how the participant handled the situation and if they adhered to specific company procedures.
We have a wide bank of scenarios that can be selected from and bespoke scenarios can also be created, according to any specific areas that participants are struggling with.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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