What is C-Live?

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What is C-Live?

C-Live is the UK’s first computer-generated virtual reality training aid. Our award-winning platform offers live role play simulation training which can be easily accessed from a web browser, with no specialist equipment required.

Nothing is prerecorded. All interactions are live with avatars being controlled by our simulation specialists who respond in real time according to what the participant does and says.

C-Live features a variety of different builds and avatars, allowing it to be utilised for mastering complex interpersonal skills across multiple sectors including but not limited to education, corporate, medical and hospitality training.

We have a large bank of scenarios that can be selected for each sector or we can offer bespoke training packages with simulations tailored to company training requirements and specific situations.

The benefits of using C-Live

Using C-Live for training provides a wide variety of benefits:

It offers a safe environment for participants to practise challenging conversations. All scenarios can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion, which empowers trainees for facing these real situations in the future. 100% of Bath Spa University trainee teachers felt that using C-Live improved their confidence for teaching a real class.

There are a wide variety of avatars with their own distinct personalities, giving a cost-effective alternative to hiring multiple actors for role-play.

All interactions can be paused or restarted giving participants the opportunity to make improvements throughout their session. Scenarios can also be watched back, allowing participants to reflect upon their performance and inform decisions going forward.

C-Live also offers consistent scenarios. This allows participants to see how different approaches can make the same interactions result in different outcomes.

You can see C-Live in action here.

Get in touch if you would like more information about how C-Live can work with your organisation or to book a free demo.