Virtual Standardised Patient Training

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Virtual Standardised Patient Training

A Doctors’ soft skills are equally as important as their clinical and medical skills and knowledge. A doctor’s ability to communicate with patients, often through the most difficult points in their lives, can be critical to the care patients receive and how well they cooperate with their treatment.

There are many studies outlining the benefits of standardised patient training, and now, more so, the move towards virtual standardised patient training.

C-Live is the ideal platform to deliver this style of medical training. Within C-Live medical students, junior doctors and medical educators can converse in real-time with patient avatars. It provides a natural patient-practitioner dialogue, providing training scenarios for patient assessment, diagnosis and managing difficult conversations.

Realistic patient interaction aids doctors and students in improving their ability to relate to their patients, helping to influence them in a positive way.

C-Live provides a problem based learning approach, offering very realistic patient interactions allowing doctors to gain training in patient relations and improving their soft skills.

In the past, avatars have been controlled by algorithms, limiting their responses and hindering the training process. This is no longer the case with C-Live.

As our avatars are controlled in real-time by our experienced actors, all interactions and behaviours are the same as those where actors are brought in-house to provide training. As no interactions are pre-recorded, the avatars respond directly to the trainee and the situations presented. This allows the trainee to pause and perfect their approach.

C-Live addresses the main concerns associated with virtual standardised patient training – reproducibility, availability and implementation cost are all reduced or eradicated when using C-live as a delivery tool for standardised patient training.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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