Virtual Reality Training like no other

Practise your skills in a safe environment 

Why C-Live?

C-Live was created to revolutionise how the education and business sector trained its employees. Our award-winning platform offers live role play simulation training which can be easily accessed from a web browser, with no specialist equipment required. 

As the UK’s first simulation-based virtual reality training platform, it has dramatically reduced the cost of training employees in a variety of workplace scenarios. In particular it has helped to avoid the costly mistakes of having un-trained staff in risky or critical business situations without prior experience.

How C-Live Works

All our sessions are live and interactive. A simulation specialist controls the avatars which have been created to provide a response in real time to emotions, responses and reactions of the participant. 

C-Live can then show a variety of situations with avatars acting through each given scenario, helping your staff member master a variety of skills, without the need to get real actors in to demonstrate role play situations. Our platform has a large bank of workplace experiences which your employees can work through or we can offer bespoke training packages with simulations tailored to company training requirements and more specific situations.

The major benefits of C-Live


Our customers include global players such as Hilton Hotels, The Department for Education and the Co-Operative, that have a need for staff to practise challenging conversations or high risk situations.


C-Live offers a safe environment for participants to practise events that they might not have had previous experience in before using our role play training. Putting an employee in a situation that they are not equipped to handle can lead to sickness, anxiety and poor well-being in the workplace. However, using C-Live can greatly improve staff and business performance.


There are a wide variety of avatars with their own distinct personalities, giving a cost-effective alternative to hiring multiple actors needed for in-house role-play training.





We have 3 main packages for you to choose from.

We also offer bespoke packages tailored to your individual requirements. To discuss your requirements, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.


Once you have chosen the package that suits you, choose from the following experiences: 

How to interview candidates successfully


Managing difficult conversations as a new manager


How to run successful and effective appraisals and reviews

How to manage and promote diversity and inclusion

Supporting colleagues with mental health problems


How to carry out investigation meetings when things go wrong

How to welcome those with disabilities into your culture


How to manage someone through the disciplinary process

How to facilitate training and different approaches


Once you have chosen your ideal package and experiences, choose any additional extras you would like



This means 10 people can sit the course




This means 20 people can sit the course



Additional £20 per place

This means 30 or more people can sit the course


What Our Clients

Have to Say

Great tool to allow participants to role play in a realistic scenario.

We were all pleasantly surprised with the ability of Connect to understand our industry terminology and approach”

Alison Knight

Director of Leadership & Development, Continental Europe Hilton Hotels

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