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About Us

Connect Training is a virtual-reality training company based in Nantwich, founded by former teachers.

The Connect Group was originally started over 25 years ago to ensure that educational resources were accessible for all. Connect Training was the next step in offering innovative training within the education sector to promote inclusion and improve teacher performance.

C-Live, Connect Training’s cutting-edge platform, allows participants to interact in real time with avatars, practising difficult conversations in a safe environment. This enables them to build confidence and acquire skills which can be transferred to their every-day job roles for improved performance.

Since its launch where it was initially used for teacher training, C-Live has gone on to win multiple awards and is now used in various sectors, enhancing hospitality, corporate, social care and health care training programmes.

At Connect Training we believe that innovation is key and strive to utilise the latest developments in technology to deliver incredible training results. Get in touch if you would like more information about how C-Live can be used in your industry. Or you can book a live online demo using our booking form.

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