Hilton Hotels are known as being a multinational hospitality company, boasting an extensive range of hotels and resorts across the globe. They welcome approximately 160 million guests per year and have over 300,000 team members globally, so as you can imagine, they need to have a comprehensive and effective training and staff development programme in place.

The challenge:

As one of the fastest growing hospitality companies, role play training is a key component in maintaining the exceptional standards expected by guests within Hilton hotels. Ensuring consistency across their global network relies on trainers travelling to sites across the globe to deliver bespoke training programmes, which results in considerable costs. That’s a big no no in terms of cost, time and resources being used, so alternative methods were required.

The requirements:

An alternative training solution was required to reduce costs whilst ensuring the consistency and quality of current training programmes was not compromised.

Last year alone Hilton created 20,000 new hotel jobs. Within such a fast-paced environment, the solution had to be scalable to reach a global audience.

In order to maintain the exceptional standards required under the Hilton brand the new solution needed to deliver consistent messaging and bespoke content resulting in the highest calibre of employees and management.

The Solution:

Hilton Hotels decided to implement C-Live into their training programmes. As the UK’s first virtual reality training tool, the platform provides the perfect environment to support professional development in the work place. Participants are able to master complex interpersonal skills and practise a variety of scenarios to transform their performance.

C-Live is able to support the Learning and Development team at Hilton by delivering bespoke live scenarios. All the interactions are live, with simulators operating the avatars in real time. This allows trainees to see the immediate effects of their actions and test different approaches in handling situations.

As C-Live is an online platform that requires no investment in software the tool makes learning and development accessible on a global level without incurring the additional costs associated with traditional role play trainers travelling to individual sites.

The outcome? Effective training that empowers employees to be confident and competent in workplace scenarios.

Alison Knight, Director of Talent & Leadership Development. Continental Europe Hilton Hotels gave feedback on their experiences using C-Live in their training:

“Great tool to allow participants to role play in a realistic scenario. We were all pleasantly surprised with the ability to understand our industry terminology and approach.”