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Teacher and pupils conversations
A child has fallen asleep in class and when they wake up they do not want to participate in the class and is being rude to other pupils. The teacher attempts to get the pupil to participate in class.


This video shows a teacher keeping a class on track when different problems occur, and encouraging the pupils to contribute to the lesson.


This video shows a safeguarding issue where a pupil tells a teacher about her home life, the teacher escalates the issue and then a meeting with the parent is held.


The teacher asks the class to share one thing which they like, one pupil is reserved about sharing what they like but eventually comes round.

This video highlights some of the more difficult challenges that a teacher can face. Harrison, a child with characteristics of ADHD continually disrupts the class.

This video shows how a teacher deals with a child being disruptive, leading to another child crying.


The class are learning about the solar system. This video shows the teacher having to deal with pupils getting mobile phones out in lessons and disruptions from the class, as they do not want to study this topic.


Davy forgets her pen, she is offered a pen from two other pupils but she refuses, this video highlights how the teacher manages the conversation.


The class gets a new teacher and Nate, who suffers from autism is not comfortable with this. The teacher attempts to resolve the situation.


After recapping from what has been taught in a previous lesson, one pupil did not make notes or remember any information, the teacher has to deal with this.

In this video, a pupil is struggling to do mathematics, whilst the rest of the class are taking part. The teacher encourages the pupil to participate.

Teacher to colleagues conversations

This conversation is between a teacher and her superior. Two children have been fighting in a lesson, one was provoked by another which led to the start of the fight, meetings with the parents are due to be scheduled.

This conversation between a teacher and their superior discusses an issue where two pupils were arguing over which pen was theirs. The next steps to prevent this are examined.

In this video, the teacher is having a conversation with her superior over reports that a pupil has been swearing in class. This issue was discussed and a plan has been formulated.

A meeting is being held as a teacher has not handed their reports in on time, again. The reasons behind why the reports have not been delivered on time are explained and solutions are created.

In this video, a teacher has raised concerns with his superior about a growing competitiveness which occurs between two pupils. Preventative measures are discussed, as well as the next steps.

A parent forces their way into the classroom and removes their child from school after their child’s lunch money was stolen from them, leaving them with no lunch. This issue is discussed between two teachers.


A teacher is having a conversation with his superior when he reports a student showing affection towards him. The seriousness of the situation is recognised and discussed.


This video shows a teacher raising an issue with a student’s lack of involvement and contribution to lessons, to his superior. A solution is discussed.

Teacher and parent conversations

This video is of a teacher having a review with a parent, the teacher raises concerns about the pupil increasingly using his phone.


This parent – teacher conversation discusses the pupil’s marked improvement in performance at school and the next steps that will be taken to progress the pupil, ready for her exams.


This teacher – parent conversation raises an issue that the parent has with their child being bullied.


This video highlights a safeguarding issue, during a meeting with a teacher – parent meeting. The parent raises concerns about her child who has characteristics ADHD, she is worried about her son who is being bullied.

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