The evolution of corporate training and development has been rapidly changing in the last 30 years, and has subsequently disturbed the traditional approaches to new manager training as well as L&D. But what exactly has caused this major shift in corporate training? A mixture of generational changes and technological advancements.

Generational Change – Millennials are Becoming Managers

Millennials are growing up and who knew they are now becoming our managers and leaders. With baby boomers deciding to retire, our millennials are rushing to gain their position as manager. 48% of the workforce will be millennials in 2020. They are bringing in fresh ideas and new ambitions to aim for the top, and organisations would be senseless to ignore them.

Technological Advancements – Introducing AI

It seems that technology has accelerated in its growth everyday for the past 10 years, with many organisations closing their eyes and blocking out this advancing expertise. From smartphones to home assistants for personal lives and chat bots and AI analytics for HR and training. This has been a long time coming, but there is still so much that organisations haven’t tapped into yet.

With this being said, are traditional manager training courses effective enough to train millennials in order to succeed in their senior positions?

The answer is no!

Powerpoints and lengthy online courses just aren’t enough to keep people engaged anymore with fewer employees retaining this type of information.

So how does this new generation of manager like to learn? The Global Leadership Forecast 2018 surveyed 25,000 leaders and gained insight into how they prefer to train.

Personalised Training

A key aspect to becoming a great leader is self-awareness and an understanding of personal attributes. Many organisations collate data like personality assessments and communication styles in order to understand what makes a manager, but how do they use this data within their training programmes to personalise and tailor it? Once you collect and understand what makes a good manager, you should then be using this to train your new managers.

Offering Coaching

Do your line managers get the coaching they so desperately need? If you don’t start from the front it’ll fall like a domino effect into the team with lack of guidance and support. Do these new managers get the coaching and support they need to do their jobs? Offering coaching from experienced managers can support the new generation. This not only helps the manager and their team, but also the organisation.

On Demand Training

As the new generation of managers work their way up the ranks, so does their way of working. Millennials are so used to on demand information, being taught to ‘Google it’ and ‘Check on YouTube for a tutorial’. Are your training programmes available at any time of the day or are they still traditional away day courses? Modern learners are desperate for the employers to provide them with online training which fits within their busy lives.

Setting out Long-Term Training

Many organisations class training as a one-time thing but adopting a continuous learning culture helps support and develop new managers. Retaining and developing skills doesn’t happening overnight so why should training happen within one day?

Mobile Training

Modern learners have technology at their fingertips from their mobile devices and some expect this from their training platforms they get from work. Do organisations provide their leadership programmes on smartphones for easy access and engagement? This should be a consideration when training new managers as their preferences to training have shifted from traditional methods.

Whether you like the idea of modern learning or not, organisations can’t risk sitting on the sidelines whilst competitors overtake. Innovation and technology are here and so are the new generation of managers, so combining both will accelerate your business to attract the modern learner.


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