Ten tips for decreasing workplace stress

In the workplace, it is normal to experience an element of pressure. This is healthy because it drives us to complete our work to the highest standard and work in a timely manner to meet any deadlines, however, when an individual feels like the pressure has become overwhelming and they are unable to cope, this is when it turns into stress and needs to be addressed. With the busy lives we all lead, it is easy to find yourself overcome with stress. Here are ten useful tips that can help decrease your stress levels.


When exercising, your body releases endorphins which can improve your mood. Endorphins can also help to improve your sleep pattern, which is essential to have a healthy mind.

Colouring book

Doing a simple activity such as colouring can relax your brain whilst also giving you something else to focus on. It is also a healthier form of relaxation compares to some other options e.g. electronics.

Plan ahead

Many of us procrastinate over an activity which needs top be completed, which can in turn contribute to stress. To avoid this, it is better to plan ahead and prioritise what needs to be done first. An easy way of doing this is writing a list and setting realistic goals to complete the activity.


Listening to music can help you relax and take your mind off of whatever is causing the stress. Slow paced music has been found to be the most useful.

Spend time with family and friends

Socialising with your loved ones can help you feel safe and secure as you feel like you can be yourself around them. A good approach to decreasing stress is by talking to someone and telling them how you’re feeling. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Write it down

Keeping a journal or diary is a simple way of expressing how you are feeling. It may then help you rationalise whether this is something you need to worry about or not. You can also write down the positive factors in your life and try to focus on these instead.


It as been proven that laughingstocks can help reduce your stress levels. This is done by relieving tension through the relaxation of muscles. An easy way of doing this is to spend time with your friends or just stay at home and watch a comedy film.

Reduce caffeine

Although you may feel that you need that extra cup of coffee to get you through the day, this may be the case of the stress. Caffeine is a stimulant found in drinks such as tea, coffee and energy drinks etc. and high doses of this have been found to increase stress or anxiety in a person.

Positive mental attitude

A positive mental attitude can help you cope with everyday stresses. It can bring an optimistic approach to life worries, helping you to focus on them more realistically. There are many quotes available (e.g online, books) which may help promote this positive attitude.

Meditate/ Breathe

Symptoms of stress include a faster heartbeat and quicker breathing. There are many deep breathing exercises that can help combat this. Practices such as meditation and yoga use many breathing techniques to relax the body and mind which can be very beneficial for someone suffering with stress.

Why someone might experience workplace stress

Someone may experience stress at work because of external factors such as their personal life, financial worries or health issues taking over their mind. Someone may also feel under-qualified to complete their role due to receiving inadequate training, which could contribute to their stress.

How can C-Live help with workplace stress?

C-Live can be used in a variety of situations and complements corporate training programmes by offering virtual reality role play simulations that can help staff experience situations before they arise. This greatly helps to reduce risky situations where they haven’t the knowledge to say the right thing or make on-the-spot decisions that are costly for the business. Through already experiencing a role-play scenario, staff feel confident and empowered to perform to the best of their abilities. C-Live offers a safe environment for participants to practise events that they might not have had previous experience in before using our role play training. Putting an employee in a situation that they are not equipped to handle can lead to sickness, anxiety and poor well-being in the workplace. However, using C-Live can greatly improve staff and business performance.

To find out more about how C-Live can complement your blended learning programmes, please get in touch.