Teacher confidence is something which is difficult for trainees to learn during their initial training, but is nonetheless vital for success in the education profession. It has been said that school improvement is more likely to be achieved where “individuals feel confident in their own capacity, in the capacity of their colleagues and in the capacity of the school to promote professional development.”

James Eison famously offered ten pieces of advice to new teachers for improving confidence, the first one of which is to act confidently, as actions give rise to feelings.

C-Live, our virtual reality teacher training platform, has a variety of classroom builds which feature different class sizes and pupils of different age groups. The pupils interact in real time according to the teacher’s performance with the class. This allows teachers to act out scenarios in a safe environment, helping them to build confidence and develop skills for when they are in the real classroom.

C-Live has a large bank of scenarios ranging from managing disruptive classroom behaviour to offering support for children with special educational needs or disabilities. Scenarios can be paused and teachers can receive feedback in real time, allowing them to try new strategies and develop new skills.

Specific scenarios can also be created to address issues that teachers may be struggling with. This makes C-Live perfect for use by supply teachers who may want to refresh their skills and re-enact scenarios that they have not encountered recently.

All scenarios can be brought to a satisfying conclusion, giving teachers the confidence to use their new skills and strategies going forward.

C-Live also offers three levels of difficulty, which means that teachers can make sure they are prepared for especially difficult situations which may not frequently arise but they should have the confidence to deal with.


If you would like to see C-Live in action, email us on CTS@iwanttoconnect.co.uk to book a free demo.