It may be something you have dreamed of for your whole career, and now it’s happened, you are a HR Manager.

This may be something that you would like to celebrate, after all it is your dream job. But, of course, there are still many more challenges which you will face, including many new challenges. Read this blog post in order to learn, prepare and get ahead of the problems which you may face.


You are no longer a co-worker, you are in charge.

Because you have landed your dream job and have successfully become a HR Manager, you are no longer a co-worker and the transition into your role may be stressful and take time. This does not mean that because you’re the boss you need to be rude and over-bearing. Remember that you were once not so long ago in your employees’ shoes.

It’s best practice that you withhold a high level of professionalism, treat everyone equally and most importantly, with respect.


Set SMART targets/goals

You may have reached your goal, and now you’re aiming for your next, but as you are manager it’s important not to forget employees’ goals too. As the HR Manager, employees and colleagues will look to you for support and guidance, whether they mean to or not, your status will lead them to.

When setting goals and targets whether it be for individuals, yourself or the organisation, make sure they are SMART. You must ensure that the targets you set are:

Specific – the targets need to be well defined and clear to anyone who is involved

Measurable – know if the goal can be reached, and how long it will take. How will you find out when you have achieved your goal?

Agreed Upon – Get backing and agreement from stakeholders on what the goals should be and how long they should take.

Realistic – Don’t set unrealistic goals for stakeholders to work to with the time, resources and availability they have. This will only demotivate employees, making your goals further unobtainable.

Time-Bound – Give the goals and targets enough time to succeed and achieved. Be careful that you do not give too much time for the goals, this can alter the performance.


You may find hiring the perfect candidate difficult

There is a global skill shortage, which means that the right candidate for you is much harder to find. The most in-demand jobs, in the UK, are doctors, nurses, IT professionals and accountants to name a few.

Subsequently, as a result of the shortage you may see your recruitment process needing drastic changes. To reach the ideal candidate, it’s best practice to use multiple streams, this includes using social media resources, especially LinkedIn. Allowing you to showcase and promote how the benefits of your organisation and why people should apply. Job advertising sites such as indeed are also a good place to advertise your jobs.

During the interview process, traditional interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself” and “Tell me about a time when you had to work with a difficult person” are now being dropped. These questions are being replaced for a modern approach of behavioural and situational questions.


If you think hiring is hard, you may find firing harder…

You may have worked with the person that you’re letting go, even if the person who is being let go is told by their line manager, you, the HR Manager must be present.

Furthermore, a crucial part of your new role is the lead up to a final meeting. You must ensure that every step has been fair, careful and the process has been transparent. An example of this is, if the dismissal is due to poor performance, then it is critical they have received discussions, warnings and documented actions, all of this is done to adhere to law.


Nurturing the Talent

Yes, hiring and firing employees is challenging, but retaining, nurturing and engaging your current workforce is no small feat either! 79% of people who quit their jobs cited ‘lack of appreciation’ was their reason. This research highlights the importance of providing employees with clear career goals and training opportunities. Subsequently, employees have improved job satisfaction, resulting in higher motivation.


Getting the large picture

Previously, it was common for Human Resource Professionals to spend most of their days calculating time sheets and resolving payroll errors. However, nowadays HR professionals undertake a much more strategic role and approach, especially in larger companies. Consequently, HR professionals must become familiar with newer products and technologies which will allow them to revolutionise and streamline their work in their organisations mission.


These challenges are more than likely going to happen throughout your illustrious career as a Human Resources Manager, if you do not feel confident doing this, at Connect Training we can offer exceptional 2D Virtual Reality training to help to upskill your soft skills. For more information get in touch with us here.