SEND Training

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SEND Training

Equipping teachers with adequate SEND training is more important than ever. The number of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities has increased over recent years. The most recent Department for Education report indicating that 14.4% of the student population within the UK have SEND.

It is important that teachers can promote inclusion for these through differentiation for learning styles.  However, it can be difficult to manage classrooms where there are variations in pupil needs and capabilities. Some teachers feel unequipped and that their training has not comprehensively covered this area. In fact, 88% of school leaders believe that initial teacher training does not adequately equip trainee teachers to support those with SEND.

C-Live features SEND scenarios which gives teachers the chance to improve vital skills with assisting pupils who require additional support. Our platform offers a safe environment, where teachers don’t have to worry about interactions having a negative impact on real students.

Connect Training are SEND specialists having been set up by former Special Educational Needs teachers. This allows us to ensure that scenarios are realistic and will provide the training needed for teachers to assist those with differing needs and capabilities.

Participants can practise scenarios such as students who may have dyslexia who are struggling to decipher large passages of text. Other examples include pupils who are sensitive to sensory overload, or pupils who exhibit signs of anger and frustration due to struggling with their classwork.

As we can offer different class sizes, teachers can practise interacting with students one-to-one or undertake scenarios with larger classes such as situations where a pupil is distracting their classmates or disrupting the class through problematic behaviour.

As well as our large bank of scenarios, we can also offer any specific situations which teachers wish to practise.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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