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Schools Training Package

We have now launched our very own cost-effective School Training package which is perfect for all skill levels, from new to experienced teachers and pupils. Up-skill, improve and motivate your staff through our online resources, and offer your pupils online, student-centred learning. Topics covered include Autism, CPD Behaviour, Leadership Skills, Interview Techniques, webinars and seminars for both teachers and students plus access to a substantial video library.

You will be granted unlimited access to:

  • SEND CPD accredited Online Courses.
  • Student Centred Online Courses.
  • Video Library.
  • CPD accredited SEND Webinars each month.
  • Student Centred Webinars each month.
  • Workshops in a box.

Why choose us?

  • We were established by former teachers.
  • Our training package is an innovative way to improve staff awareness and skills.
  • We are CPD accredited.
  • Both your staff and their students will benefit from the package.

The price?

Pricing is based on an annual subscription and varies depending on the size of your school:

Up to 500 pupils – £499
Up to 1000 pupils – £999
Up to 2000 pupils – £1499
2000 and over – £1999

To purchase your first year subscription please complete the following form:

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