Training Package

We have launched our very own cost-effective School Training package which is perfect for all skill levels, from new to experienced teachers and pupils. 

How can our School Training Packages help you?


Up-skill, improve and motivate your staff through our online resources, and offer your pupils online, student-centred learning.

Topics covered include Autism, CPD Behaviour, Leadership Skills, Interview Techniques, webinars and seminars for both teachers and students, plus access to a substantial video library.

Established by former teachers with a combined expereince of over 55 years, our Training Packages and resources an innovative way to improve staff awareness and skills. 

Our Schools Package is CPD Accredited and both your staff and their students will benefit from the package.

You will be granted unlimited access to:

SEND CPD accredited Online Courses


Substantial Video Library

Student Centered Webinars

Student Centred Online Courses

CPD accredited SEND Webinars


Workshops in a box

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