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Sales Training

A strong sales team is a vital component for most businesses and ensuring that sales staff receive the training that they need is essential to an organisation’s success.

Strong communication skills are especially important for a sales team and effective training should include a variety of aspects, from practising pitches and answering difficult client questions to enhancing product knowledge.

The sales team are also a direct reflection on the organisation and training can include ensuring that the company is represented in the correct manner.

As selling to customers is a very hands-on role, theory-based learning is not an effective training method for sales teams. Immersion Studio allows staff to undertake practical training in a safe environment. Our avatars interact in real-time which can allow sales staff to practise different selling techniques, build their confidence, and gain new skills. They can also practise conversations with challenging customers.

Participants can take part in scenarios such as presenting a sales pitch to a potential client with less time than expected, selling to a prospect who speaks English as an additional language, or upselling to an existing client.

We can also create bespoke scenarios, tailored to specific situations which staff need to practise.

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