Safeguarding & Disclosure

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Safeguarding and Disclosure Training

School staff play an important role in protecting children. According to the NSPCC the amount of time that teachers spend with children can put them in one of the strongest positions to notice and identity any issues that a child may be having at home. Child disclosures are therefore one of the most important interactions that a teacher can have and it is vital that they know what to do in this situation. It is also imperative that teachers are approachable and that children feel comfortable talking to them about any serious problems that they might have.

It is important that schools offer teachers comprehensive training, ensuring that they know how to respond to any concerns, can interact in such a way that children feel safe speaking to them and are up-to-date with school safeguarding policies.

C-Live’s individual pupil build allows teachers to practise these sensitive interactions and build their confidence speaking with pupils when in disclosure situations. We have a wide variety of scenarios covering different sensitive discussions that teachers may have with pupils.

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