Have you ever considered role play learning within your own training programme?  Look back at your previous training activities, have you sought a quick and easy way to introduce on-the-job training which relates to concepts that you’re covering?

Role play learning

Role play learning is a development tool used by many organisations in order to improve their employees’ skills and increase engagement.

When it comes to role playing there are a number of benefits to your company, learners can develop a variety of different skills:

  • customers service,
  • sales,
  • HR training,
  • conflict management,
  • interpersonal skills.

With role playing activities, you aren’t left hoping they will retain the information and apply this within their roles. They will be engaging with specific scenarios they may find themselves in their positions but also gives managers the ability to coach and guide them to better their understanding. Due to role playing being an immediate application of skills, learners are more likely to retain the information and use this within their professional lives, going beyond the lectures and courses. It also offers up instant feedback for the learner to take and re-evaluate their approaches for next time. Constantly improving their skills and understanding which is just one of the advantages to using role play training.

As role playing is fictional, learners can make mistakes they previously weren’t able to with real life on-the-job experiences. With this safe environment, trainees are more confident and capable when it comes to real life.

Role Play and Technology

With the development of technology, real life role playing is a thing of the past. Here at Connect we provide a digital solution to this very challenge. Our online role-play simulation, called C-Live, has all the features of real life, without the cost implications an instructor may bring. There’s no need to travel as our simulation can be accessed anywhere with a strong internet connection and a webcam. From the comfort of your own offices you can provide your staff with the beneficial role-playing training. Our services are not here to take over and dominate your training efforts, C-Live is a training aid and so you can decide how and when you want to use this tool.

Like the real-life role play training, our simulations are all live. We don’t offer prerecorded simulations, and so no two are the same. Everyone’s experiences can differ which makes it very similar to on-the-job training, just with the security of a simulation. You will have access to the video after your simulation for feedback and evaluation which we know is a huge part of retaining information from training courses. These are for you to keep and use throughout your training, for example ‘how to’ videos. If you would like a free demonstration of our C-Live in action, click here to book a time now!