Parent Teacher Consultations

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Parent Teacher Consultations

One of the greatest challenges for a new teacher is meeting their students’ parents. Getting to know pupils’ families and representing their school can be a nerve-racking experience and it’s something that teachers receive little training in.

It’s important that teachers feel confident in these situations, as their job is not solely about teaching; schools actively engage parents, carers and families, who expect interactions to be informative, with information delivered in a confident and professional manner.

Furthermore, interactions have the potential to be challenging, as parents are rightly very passionate about the education and teaching that their children receive. Parents may ask questions that teachers don’t feel comfortable answering or can come to meetings feeling unhappy. This means that teachers should be able to handle any concerns sufficiently and be experienced in defusing tense situations.

Working with parents is also a good opportunity for teachers to understand more about their pupils and teachers should be equipped with the skills to get the best out of these interactions.

Time management skills are also important for parents’ evenings when there are multiple appointments to get through. It can be difficult to end conversations with concerned parents in order to ensure that the evening runs according to schedule.

C-Live gives the opportunity for teachers to practise giving information and handling parental concerns effectively.  We can also provide scenarios that incorporate conversations with parents who are more challenging in their questioning or behaviour.

Participants can practise discussions that they might have with parents regarding situations such as slipping pupil grades, physical altercations, or failures to hand in homework. They can also practise time management by having interactions with multiple adult avatars in succession.

We can also provide bespoke scenarios, according to any specific situations that participants might have found challenging.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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