Nasen Case Study

Nasen Case Study

Product: C-Live Education training

Type: Online CPD for staff

Recommended group size: Minimum of five

Trialled by: Maxine Abott, SENCo

Setting: Westbourne Academy, Suffolk


This training is linked directly to the Teacher’s standards which makes this ideal for teacher trainees or NQTs, as well as further developing all staff’s knowledge and understanding of SEND.

This product enables teachers, teaching assistants etc to develop the skills needed in the classroom – skills such as interpersonal skills and behaviour management. Furthermore, it enables staff to have a much better understanding of SEND needs.

We trialled the online virtual reality classroom, which offers simulations for behaviour management. Staff interact with student avatars and deal with any issues which arise in the “classroom”. The simulations can be tailored to different levels.

Other simulation activities are available e.g. a meeting with a parent who is unhappy with their child’s working grades.

“We were surprised by the level of authenticity of the behaviours presented by the virtual students and the virtual “classroom” itself is incredibly realistic.”

We would recommend a maximum number of five staff per training session as this and each session needs to ideally be two hours in length as this gives time to reflect on the session.

The simulation can be paused at any point during the training session, and staff have the chance to stop the session to gain perspective and think about how to deal with certain situation as they arise. A moderator is available, if required, to answer any questions.

Informative facilitator briefs are provided which contain information about the scenario. Success criteria are set for the participants which clearly outline the aims of the session and can be used as a reflective tool at the end. Participants are provided with a brief which gives them an overview of the class and also any relevant teaching materials.

All members of staff involved in trialling the C-Live program were incredibly impressed and found the experience worthwhile. Short term, this could be an excellent coaching tool and a means of delivering bespoke CPD based on staff needs. Long term, using C-Live enables staff to reflect on their practise and think about how to support pupils to achieve their maximum potential.

What the school particularly liked:

Easy to set up

Realistic virtual classroom and students

Adaptable in terms of scenarios and levels

Can be used to support the development of all staff

This case study was originally published in the January 2018 edition of Nasen Connect.

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