Mentoring and Coaching

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Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are a key management and leadership skill. Having senior team members who are confident mentors is necessary to build high performing teams. Mentoring in the workplace can also provide a much-needed support system for newer, younger or less experienced members of the team.

Whether older or more experienced employees have the role of mentor thrust upon them or there is a structured mentoring programme, training will, inevitably, improve the relationship for the mentor and mentee.

Mentoring is very much focused on the mentee’s immediate challenges and it is important the mentor has the skills to listen, offer guidance and support them in finding the best solution.

Mentors may also be called upon to coach newer, younger or less experienced staff and help them prepare for upcoming activities.

C-Live provides mentors with an understanding of how they can make a significant impact on their mentee’s performance and the overall performance of the company.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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