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C-Live is a proven solution for your training requirements, such as leadership and management training. This unique tool offers consistent scenarios, allowing participants to practise how to navigate difficult situations that are are likely to present themselves at work.  

All interactions can be paused or restarted giving participants the opportunity to make improvements throughout their session.

Scenarios can also be played back, allowing participants to reflect upon their performance and inform decisions going forward.

As an example; all virtual reality management training sessions by Hilton have been recorded and shared to allow group feedback.

Why C-Live for Business?

Behind every successful company is the talent and well-being of the people that work there. If your organisation wants to flourish, it is essential to invest in staff training to promote career growth and development.

Great training can swiftly address staff weaknesses, ensuring that all employees have the skills and knowledge they need for their role, ultimately increasing job satisfaction. However, in order to retain and motivate staff, training needs to be relevant, have an impact, and equip them with real skills that they can use on a daily basis.

While theory-based training can be beneficial to a degree, conversational & experiential learning – or learning by doing – leads to better retention of information and enhanced practical skills.

How can C-Live help you and your team?

C-Live complements corporate training programmes by offering virtual role play simulations that can help staff experience situations before they arise.

This greatly helps to reduce risky situations where they haven’t the knowledge to say the right thing or make on-the-spot decisions that are costly for the business. Through already experiencing a role-play scenario staff feel confident and empowered to perform to the best of their abilities.

How can C-Live be used to help your business?

C-Live can be used in a variety of situations. Here are some of our most popular scenarios that C-Live is used for include:

– Training sales teams to hit targets

Leadership training for managers to get the best possible performance for their staff

HR training so that HR professionals have the skills they need to deal with difficult conversations with the workforce.

Our most popular training scenarios


 Managing Difficult Conversations


 Supporting Colleagues with mental health problems


 How to interview candidates successfully


 How to carry out investigation meetings when things go wrong


 How to facilitate training and different approaches


 How to manage and promote diversity and inclusion

We have a number of packages available here.

We also offer bespoke sessions completely tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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