Job Interview Skills

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Job Interview Skills

Considering that 92% of adults feel anxious and stressed about attending interviews, being in this situation as a pupil with little or no experience of having a job must be infinitely more daunting.

Furthermore, companies do not always offer feedback for unsuccessful interviewees, which can leave students unsure about where they went wrong or why they didn’t get the job.

Interview technique is not a theory-based skill. It is something which can be built with time and experience of being in the actual situation.

While schools can undertake role play scenarios to prepare students for their first professional interviews, interacting with a person already known to the interviewee can undermine the benefits of practicing in the first place.
Whether it’s through the pupil feeling reluctant and embarrassed to answer properly with their teacher, or the scenario failing to replicate the nerves that they might feel in a real situation, these practice scenarios can often be lacking, with the participant not feeling any more prepared by the end of it.

C-Live has a variety of adult avatars and office builds which can allow participants to practise their job interview skills, supporting any employability classes that schools offer. The number of avatars in the scenario can be selected, allowing participants to practise one-to-one interviews or even experience an interview with a panel.

It has been shown that the use of realistic human avatars can provoke the same emotional reactions that the trainee would experience interacting with a real person. C-Live allows students to build their confidence by answering interview questions while they feel as nervous as they would when faced with a real interview. They are empowered and able to develop the skills needed to answer questions in a real interview, even if they feel anxious.

Participants can practise scenarios such as answering typical interview questions, or interviews for University places tailored to the subject which they have applied for, and asking the interviewer relevant questions.
As well as our bank of scenarios, we can offer bespoke interviews, according to any specific job roles required.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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