Employee Spotlight – Tom Lofkin, Proofreader

The members of the family-led Connect team are an eclectic lot and there is no end to our talents! The team is made up of qualified specialist teachers right through to creative designers, eagle-eyed proofreaders and our invaluable IT accessibility consultants. We wanted to give our readers the opportunity to meet the faces behind Connect and find out what they get up to outside of work!

Describe your role at Connect:

Proofreader; my job is to carefully read through the products we produce to ensure that there are no mistakes or inconsistencies.

What is your favourite part of working at Connect?

The job itself is a perfect fit for me and the way in which I work, and a part of this process is the great support of my colleagues who make Connect an awesome place to work.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in 2019?

Getting the job here at Connect.

What will 2020 hold for you?

Potentially finding a way to shoehorn some creative or copy writing into my work with Connect and hopefully getting a better grasp on Braille.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

My idea of fun is looking up the most difficult, impenetrable novels ever written and then reading them!

Effective teamwork

Here at Connect, we have a highly skilled team from diverse backgrounds however what binds us together is the value that with inclusion at the heart of everything that we do, we firmly believe that with the correct resources, Everyone Can. We firmly believe that we have a team that poses the right attributes to ensure efficient, effective teamwork. This is certified through:

  • Successful leadership
  • Open and honest communication
  • Effective listening skills
  • Shared goals

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