Bath Spa is a teaching-led University that are committed to providing excellent experiences. Over the last few years the teaching profession has faced a number of challenges with national university application rates declining and student satisfaction rates dipping. The teaching profession is also facing retention issues. Many new teachers who are going straight into the teaching environment also lack the confidence they need to control a classroom of diverse personalities and abilities. Bath Spa University realised that they needed a brand new approach to create a place where their teachers and students could thrive.

How we made it a success

We needed to provide a training solution that would support all teacher training programmes across the institute. As C-Live is the UK’s first virtual reality training tool, the platform provided the perfect environment to support every teacher in the team as it allowed them to practise and perfect their skills and build their confidence in a safe environment outside of the real event in the classroom.

Participants were able to join the virtual reality class and master the complex interpersonal skills they needed in their role, interacting with pupils and parents or, as their career progresses learning the techniques to lead teaching staff. Within the C-Live training platform, the teachers were able to interact with a variety of avatars, overcome challenging situations and learn quickly to adapt to new scenarios.

As each virtual reality classroom interaction is live with our own actors behind the scene, the whole event is very immersive and in real time. The teachers can see the immediate effects of their spoken words and actions with the ability to try out different approaches in handling situations in a realistic classroom environment, without impacting on a real class.

As C-Live is an online platform that requires no investment in software, the tool can be easily accessed both across the campus and offsite, which is crucial in supporting Bath Spa Institute of Education’s training and outreach programmes, and partnerships with DfE and Chartered College.

The major benefits of using C-Live for teacher training

  • C-Live offers an immersive teacher training solution enabling experiential learning in a virtual environment.
  • There is training for all levels, from initial teacher training through to school leadership training.
  • The scenarios are tailored to meet specific needs and support individual learner progress.
  • It is easily accessed online, with no special equipment necessary.
  • You have the ability to have live real-time interactions and feedback.

What our client thought

“At the Bath Spa University Institute for Education we believe that digital innovation is key to the future of our profession. We are excited to offer this ground-breaking addition to our already outstanding teacher training and education programmes.” Professor Dr. Kate Reynolds, Executive Dean of the Institute for Education.