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Customer Service Training

There are many proven benefits in providing excellent customer service training. Exemplary customer service retains customers, gains new customers through positive word of mouth and increases sales.

Customers who are treated well are far more likely to be loyal to a particular brand and studies have found that these customers are worth up to 10 times as much as the value of their initial purchase.

However, organisations need to equip their employees with the skills needed to meet customer service expectations.

Training can also increase staff confidence, which allows employees to represent the organisation in a positive light, leaving a lasting impression with customers.

Immersion Studio is ideal for any staff working in a front-facing role, such as employees in a hotel, restaurant or in retail. It allows customer service staff to undertake realistic training with avatars that react in real time. This allows them to see the consequences of their actions and think about different ways of handling situations in the future within a safe environment where mistakes have no impact on real customers.

Immersion Studio can be used to build multiple skills such as placating angry customers, testing and enhancing product knowledge, answering difficult questions and practicing upselling skills.

Participants can practise scenarios such as handling a hotel guest with a complaint about their room, a customer returning an item to a store without a receipt or a restaurant guest with a complex question about allergies that they might have. All scenarios can have varying levels of difficulty, with avatar reactions ranging from accepting the situation to initially responding in a more hostile manner. The scenarios can also be brought to a satisfactory conclusion, which empowers employees going forward to handle challenging situations.

We can also offer bespoke scenarios according to areas that staff might wish to develop further.

Front Line Training

Immersion Studio is perfect for training hotel, retail and hospitality staff and allows them to develop skills that they will need on a daily basis.

Complaint Resolution

Develop the skills required to effectively handle challenging customers in a friendly, helpful and efficient manner.

Customer Engagement

Build confidence when interacting with customers and practise delivering excellent customer service.

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