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It is essential that organisations deliver a wide variety of hard and soft skills training to employees from all disciplines. Corporate training must therefore be designed to ensure that the whole workforce has the right level of skills and knowledge.

In order to increase staff confidence and job satisfaction levels, training firstly needs to be relevant. Not only must training have an impact, but also equip staff with real skills that they can use going forward. While theory-based training is undeniably beneficial, experiential learning –  learning through experience – is often overlooked. Basically, learning by doing leads to better retention of information and enhanced practical skills. For this reason, role play training is one of the most effective tools in experiential learning.


C-Live allows users to practice challenging conversations faced every day in the workplace. In addition to gaining practical experience, role play more importantly builds confidence in handling real life situations.

Virtual reality role play training can be a perfect fit with your current eLearning strategy and can also be incorporated easily into your LMS.

How can C-Live used in different areas of Corporate training?

Leadership and Management Training

HR Training

Not only do HR need expertise in every aspect of Organisational Development, they also need to ensure that training is delivered to the entire workforce.

C-Live can therefore be used by HR in a variety of ways. Firstly, to develop their own proficiency in areas such as interview skills, conflict management and handling grievances. Secondly, to enhance the efficiency of training delivered to the rest of the organisation through interactive role play.

Sales Training

Leadership and Management Training

A recent CMI survey found that 61% of managers would like to learn how to manage workplace conversations with more confidence.

C-Live role play is particularly effective in this aspect of leadership development training. Moreover, Mentoring and Coaching skills can be improved by allowing new and experienced managers to practice conflict resolution situations.

Take the case of, performance reviews, disciplinary conversations, pay discussions. Practice through role play is without doubt the best way to prepare for these situations.

HR Training

Sales Training

Salespeople are the ambassadors of your company. Above all, they should be well prepared for face to face meeting with customers.

In the same way that management skills can be developed,  interactive role play is a perfect method for mastering negotiation skills.

Most importantly, providing a safe practice environment to build confidence in performing every stage of the sales cycle is crucial. Coupled with good theoretical material, C-Live is the ideal tool to develop skills such as rapport building, objection handling, price defending, and closing.

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