Empowered staff are one of the most effective ambassadors an organisation can have and also one of the greatest opportunities for companies to represent themselves in the best possible light.

A confident staff demeanor can promote trust in your organisation by showing customers that your employees have the experience and knowledge needed to provide an excellent service. On the flip side if your staff exhibit signs of low confidence, customers are likely to doubt their competence and, in turn, the competence of your organisation.

It is also no secret that happy and confident staff are more productive, less likely to leave their positions and will provide better customer service.

Read on for some tips and advice which will allow you to build customer service staff confidence to enhance their performance and allow them to truly excel in their positions.

Ensure That Staff Feedback Is Constructive

If staff confidence is affected by a negative customer interaction the worst thing that a manager can do is to berate them about how they could have handled things better. Instead, use the opportunity to promote growth by helping them to assess what went wrong and working with them to ensure that they believe they could effectively navigate the situation if it occurred again.

Give Staff The Information They Need

Give staff the best chance for success by providing them thorough training regarding your services and products. You should also make sure that there is an easy way for them to obtain information that customers might need if an unexpected question is asked. Employees will be more confident speaking to customers if they believe that they actually have, or can obtain, the answers!

Prepare Staff For Challenging Situations

It is not only product knowledge training which is important. Instruct and teach staff about how you would like them to deliver the information. It is also especially important that staff are specifically trained in how you would like them to handle dissatisfied customers. Make them aware of the different approaches available, such as what they can offer the customer  to mitigate the situation and when they should escalate the complaint to a manager.

This infographic also highlights some effective ways for diffusing a challenging situation:

diffuse angry customers infographics


It has been shown that learning from experience is far more beneficial than theory based learning, so once you equip your staff with the knowledge they need, allow them to practise using it to build their confidence for when they are faced with an actual situation.

Our virtual reality roleplay simulation C-Live is an award winning platform which has been shown to be successful when used to build customer service staff confidence. It features avatars who interact live and in real time according to the performance of your staff.

Nothing is pre-recorded and we create bespoke scenarios for your organisation which offer various levels of difficulty allowing the interaction to be as challenging as required. Scenarios can be repeated, allowing employees to try different approaches with customers and all interactions can be brought to a satisfying conclusion, which further empowers and enhances confidence.

Read our case studies to see how we have helped clients in the past:

If you would like more information about how C-Live can help you to build customer service staff confidence within your organisation, get in touch on 01270 449 165 or contact CTS@iwanttoconnect.co.uk.