Behaviour Management

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Behaviour Management

Behaviour management is one of the most important things that teachers can learn, with evidence indicating that teachers who have strong skills in this area are better equipped to support the educational requirements of their students.

However, reports have indicated that many teachers feel that they have been inadequately trained in this area, and that teachers believe that receiving additional behaviour management training would reduce both their own stress levels and troublesome pupil behaviour.

Mastering behaviour management is also connected to increased teacher self-efficacy which determines how teachers interact with challenging students.  It can be difficult for teachers to build confidence in a real classroom, as a negative pupil interaction can create uncertainty about handling similar situations in the future.

C-Live allows teachers to practise their behaviour management skills in a safe environment where they are free to correct any mistakes they might make, whether by pausing the scenario or reattempting it from the beginning. This increases their confidence and also provides them with the opportunity to try interacting with pupils in different ways without the fear of repercussions.  All scenarios can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion, empowering participants for classroom management going forward.

Our virtual pupils all have their own distinct personalities and react in real time according to participant performance. This gives teachers the chance to develop the best strategies for managing a class with students who will react in different ways to different situations, as they would in a real classroom.

Participants can practise a variety of scenarios such as establishing ground rules with a new class, managing a class where the pupils are distracting each other, or enforcing a rule for mutual respect. We have a large scenario bank that participants can choose from or bespoke scenarios can also be created, according to any specific situations that the teacher or trainee teacher is struggling with or want to strengthen their ability to deal with.

You can experience C-Live for free from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is an internet connection.

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